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    Exclamation Problems with a brand new GL553VD?

    Hi, thank you for activating my account within the 24hours, although it is Saturday. Thank you.

    I bought an ASUS rog GL553VD (i7-7700HQ/GTX1050 4GB/12GB RAM) just two days ago and i am facing some issues which are troubling me, maybe minor for now, but i would really like some feedback to know what is going on and what to do now that is still early.

    First thing i noticed was that the screen's graphics didnt look as good for a brand new laptop. Long story short i soon noticed that the integrated Intel's card settings had as default resolution a lower resolution, it seemed strange but i changed it back to 1920x1080 and things got better.
    However on many of the system's windows, like when i install/uninstall a program and others, the resolution is still very bad, the image is like blurred , i took some screenshots to show you , , . I hope it is not my imagination and i am sorry if i am splitting hairs but it just doesnt look normal in my eyes for a new laptop and if there is a problem i really want to know. Could someone verify it is normal or not?

    In addition to that, when i watch videos or a movie at fullscreen the image sometimes (not often) stops being processed, although the sound keeps working normally, and then it returns back after a few seconds. Once, on an intense scene i heard a very strange and rough sound coming from inside the laptop, both image and sound stopped for like 1-2 seconds and then returned to normal. I don't know what is going on but it made a very worrying sound.

    I still haven't checked if there are similar or worse issues while gaming. So far i only tried to install 2games, an old free FPS game worked fine although it opened automatically again on a lower resolution and I had to change it back to 1920x1080 manually to be able to play it decent. The second one was not running because of an x3dAudio1_7.dll missing? Probably it has nothing to do with the other issues, but i wanted to mention that too just in case.

    Could someone please help me and give a feedback on these issues? This is my first ASUS laptop, i am quite worried. I also noticed that after i insert the password it takes around 15-17seconds to load and open although i havent installed almost anything besides some essential aps from ASUS giftbox. I couldnt help compare it with my old casual samsung bought in 2010 which was opening almost instantly back then. How many of those things are normal? Please help
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