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    Yesterday i have the same problem - then i turn on my PC mouse doesn't activated and led on dock is still turned off. I placed mouse on dock and remove it immediatly. After this mouse is activated but pointer moves on small area (about 1 square cm). I connect my old mouse and open Armoury and saw that the all options in performace tab setted to its maximum value (dpi, acceleration, deccelration etc.). I clicked to DEFAULT button and apply changes but this not resolves problem - mouse pointer start to move at maximum speed and doesn't react on any changes in Armoury. Then i click on Change DPI button on mouse the Armoury is crashed. Before this incident i have setted up 2 profiles on mouse and this problem appears only on one of it. Another profiles continue to work properly. Looks like the one of profiles is corrupted and Armory can not fix it by saving new params.
    After an hour of searching for solutions to the problem (disconnectiong battery, changing profiles etc) i unintalled the last version of Armoury (2.05.01) and installed old version (last of 1.xx) and it correctly rewrites the corrupted profile in mouse. After this i installed again the last version and it start to works normally with this profile like before.

    Also, as i write in another thread, i have the the battery issue - it discharges by 60-65% over the night then my PC is turned off (in sleep mode).

    Gradually comes disappointment in the purchase of this mouse It about 2 years on market and still have that critical bugs.
    Sounds like the software crashed before you had a chance to save the second profile settings. Which profile was giving you issues? 2/3/4/5?

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