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    Ill try that, the mouse is working fine on usb when it doesnt glitch out and decide not to work at all and the settings are fine when armoury doesnt go weird and change them all by itself cuz then i have to reset everything to default

    is there a way to reset the firmwares on both mouse and receiver? i tried the hold the 3 buttons method and nothing happens

    edit: Removed the battery, deleted everything from armoury and did a clean install of 2.04.9. Seems good so far but like i said the problems happened randomly while on wireless, will post again after some test, thanks

    edit2: Well didnt need a lot to start happening again, so im not sure what might be. Maybe the receiver or the mouse is indeed faulty cuz i used to have that weird disconnection before, where the receiver light goes off for a split second, it only happens on wireless other than that weird complete mouse shutdown that happened earlier, where neither wired or wireless would turn on
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