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    Failed RAM Training

    CPU 1700x
    CPU Cooler NZXT Kraken62
    RAM F4-3200C14Q-32GTZ
    Motherboard Asus Crosshair Vi Hero WIFI

    My current overclocking settings:

    BIOS version 1701

    CPU overclock p0 state 9D -> 39.25x

    Extreme Tweaker
    CPU Core Voltage = Offset mode
    CPU Core Voltage Offset Mode Sign = +(plus)
    - CPU Core VoltageVoltage Offset = 0.03125
    CPU SOC Voltage = Offset mode
    VDDSOC Offset Mode Sign = - (minus)
    - VDDSOC Voltage Offset = 0.03125
    DRAM Voltage = 1.35000 (Default)
    Extreme Tweaker \ DRAM Timing Control
    DRAM ... = 14-14-14-14-34-48-6-8-39-Auto(4)-Auto(12)-Auto(24)-Auto(0)-3-3-312-232-142-Auto(14)-8-Auto(6)-Auto(3)-Auto(1)-Auto(7)-Auto(7)-Auto(1)-Auto(5)-Auto(5)-Auto(8)
    ProcODT_SM = 60 ohm
    Cmd2T = 1T
    RttNom = RZQ/7
    RttWr = RZQ/3
    RttPark = RZQ/1
    Extreme Tweaker \ External Digi+ Power Control
    DRAM VBoot Voltage = 1.35

    Stress test passed:
    RealBench(32GB RAM): 8h
    AIDA64: 8h
    OCCT CPU small: 8h
    OCCT CPU large: 8h
    OCCT Linpack (with AVX): 8h
    Intel Burn Test: 8h
    prime95 small: 8h
    prime95 in-place: 8h
    prime95 blend(with 29GB ram): 24h
    mprime: 24h
    hci memtest 1000%
    memtest86: 4x runs
    google stress test: 1h
    ryzen kill script: 24h

    So overclock is stable. But I have Failed RAM Trainig from cold boot and I hate it.

    I tried to set procODT to 68,8 ohm and 80 ohm, still same. 53.3 ohm will not even boot from restart.
    I tried Vboot to 1.375V and even 1.4V, nothing
    I tried to change from auto to
    MemCadBus ClkDrvStren_SM = 30ohm, 30.0 Ohm, 30 ohm

    MemCadBus AddrCmdDrvStren_SM = 30omh, 30.0 Ohm. 30 ohm

    MemCadBus CsOdtDrvStren_SM = 30 ohm,40.0 Ohm, 60 ohm

    MemCadBus CkeDrvStren_SM = 40 ohm, 60.0 Ohm, 60 ohm
    Still the same.

    I don't know what to do anymore. Can someone help me to solve this issue? Thanks.

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