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    780s SLI Power Supply Query

    Had a question about gtx 780s SLI and the power supply.

    I just picked up an EVGA supernova P2 1000 watt PSU
    which should be more than enough for this older build
    I7 4790k @4.5, 1.210 v
    16-gig ddr3 -2400
    2-7200 hd
    1 -200mm fan
    4-120mm fan
    and corsair h75 CLC.
    I tried a seasonic 850watt PSU, the PCI-E cables were 6+2 and i used 4 separate cables for my 2 cards
    The 6+2 connectors have 8 pins on both ends of the cables,but the side that hooks up the power supply has only 6 actual metal pins and not 8
    I thought with allot of these higher wattage cards you want to use all 8 pins for enough power.
    I do know they jumpered those 2 pins on the card side of the cable, am i being to picky or thats how make the PSU now.
    Also when i up grade to single 1080 or even 1080 TI, will this EVGA p2 1000 be to much over kill?

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