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    Question STRIX RAID DLX - Can the control box be made functional under Linux?

    At present I'm able to get my STRIX RAID DLX (0b05:180c) working under Linux. However, it turned out that the control box does not function and I couldn't switch between speaker and headphones through any other means than the box, even from system sound settings (there's only Analog Output, with configurations for stereo, 2.1, 5.1, 7.1 etc.), so I'm now stuck with headphone output. The hardware is correctly recognized as STRIX RAID DLX, though. I'm not certain which part (driver or API) might be needed for the operation of the control box (such as toggling and muting outputs) under Linux, either through ALSA, or PulseAudio which my distro uses.

    Additionally, it seems the Asmedia USB controller the card utilizes has problems under Linux, that I need to pass "iommu=soft" to the boot parameter in order to get it working, or it'll complain about being unable to assign a slot for the device, like below, and fail to initialize.

    [   25.914386] xhci_hcd 0000:06:00.0: Error while assigning device slot ID
    [   25.914389] xhci_hcd 0000:06:00.0: Max number of devices this xHCI host supports is 32.
    I'm not sure if this is a bug with the xhci_hcd, or it's just an incompatibility between Linux XHCI and the Asmedia ASM1042A controller, as apparently there were other cases where "iommu=soft" is needed for XHCI controllers, though some, like VIA's, also work with "iommu=pt". Unfortunately, "iommu=pt" doesn't work for this one as far as I have tested.

    Back then with my old Xonar Essense ST (PCI, and it works flawlessly out-of-box) I was able to manually switch between them under Linux, but since my new motherboard doesn't have PCI slots and I intended to move to a relatively better product, this comes out as quite a disappointment. If only the control box works (maybe plus other excellent hardware-level effect adjustments, if any) then the card (possibly along with the entire STRIX series) would be an excellent choice for Linux.

    PS, the comparable SNR and the advanced-looking control box was the main reason I decided to upgrade it further should my motherboard no longer support PCI, as at present, I've been using the Xonar Essence ST with the control box that came with an old Sound Blaster ZxR of mine (mostly for managing headphones and mic, with physical volume adjustment. The Sound Blaster card itself is currently placed in a dedicated Windows machine, as the card ironically doesn't work under Linux at all, even after this many years since it came out).

    EDIT: I'm fully aware that I might be asking for the impossible, but I sincerely wish there be a *proper* method to switch between outputs. I don't see switch options on alsamixer, either (though there is an input switch between Line In and Mic).
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