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    Eventually I ended up putting the STRIX RAID DLX card into a dedicated Windows rig meant for whatever stuffs (mostly games) that couldn't be done on Linux at the moment. Without any proper documentation it's not really feasible to develop for the control box to get the most out of the expensive card.

    By the way, when installing its Windows driver, the control box interface does appear to have one of its own, with the manufacturer named "a-Volute". The control box that came with my card is already on the latest beta firmware (which hasn't been updated since). This driver might be what's responsible for all of the control box interactions, as the box works under Windows even without actively using Sonic Studio.

    For the main Linux rig I brought back the X-Fi Titanium HD I used to use (coupled with the audio control module that came from the Windows-only SB ZxR, which has been retired, although the box works just fine with the X-Fi). The audio output switching functionally for X-Fi ironically only works flawlessly under Linux (again, many thanks to the community who made it happen), under Windows there's no option to switch output with Creative's own driver (Windows' generic High Definition Audio driver, however, could output to both without muting).

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