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    BIOS Won't POST [no beep] (inconsistent)

    I've posted this before, with no result, but I think I can provide more information, now.

    For whatever reason, it appears that as the weather approaches fall and winter, my computer will not boot. I end up having to reset the CMOS battery (using the reset on the back of my computer) and it fixes the issue, temporarily. I live in Southern California. For some reason, the problem just stopped over maybe the last month, it seems. Could it be the weather? Humidity? I have no idea.

    Could there be some sort of affect on my computer recognizing the GPU, based on the weather, probably more specifically, change in humidity?

    I'm creating this post because I had a string of several days together where my computer would not boot without resetting the CMOS battery, and now, it's been working just fine for awhile. I really cannot think of any other reason why this issue is occurring. The time frame for a RMA has passed, so that isn't an option.

    Any ideas? Is there a device I can add to my computer to monitor humidity (if this is even the issue) and be able to prevent such an issue from happening?

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