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    Quote Originally Posted by bass junkie xl View Post
    same here man even on release bios i had the flucations bad.

    i need 1.36 v and load line = 6 , 5.0 ghz 24 hr prime 95 stable never over shoots or under shoots on manual vcore .

    i switchto adaptive and set loadline = 6 , max vcore adaptive to 1.36v ia/dc @ 0.01 and i get volt spikes to 1.36v - 1.402 v .........

    if i goto load line level 5 instead of 6 i get 1.34 v - 1.392 v .... and a whea error since i need 1.36v ....

    i played around with it for weeks always over shoot on the volts on adaaptive mode even in gaming i sset 1.36v and i get spikes to 1.392 and some times 1.402 v

    i mean if we got a over shoot of 0.010 v ish spike thats nto to bad but 1.36v to 1.402 v spike on non avx loads is to much over shoot . and if i lower load line to level 5 or level 4 then id drops below 1.36v on high load wich i cant have happen since i need 1.36v for 5 ghz .

    question : i have cache ratio @ min @ defult and max set to 46 .

    i do not have ring down bin to on its on auto would ring down bin fix these volt spikes or no ?

    question 2 : do we get these volt spikes only when raising the cpus cache past defult ?
    if we leave cpu cache alone does it still spike ?

    i wish it got fixed as adaptive mode is why i bought the x hero but its kinda borked atm and the audio as well :S

    The rails are tied, so the cache ratio affects the requested VID. Intel changed the way Adaptive works for this gen. Not much we can do about it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CRJ84 View Post
    You have to set AVX clock to -2 from your normal clock speed or else in adaptive voltage it will give it alot more voltage when AVX loads are triggered. If you keep it 200 mhz under (-2) it will stay at the same voltage as your normal clock speed.
    If you run normal clock and avx clock at the same clock speed it will give it something like 0.05 more voltage every time a avx load triggers.

    This does not happen when using manual voltage.

    Thanks, I’m going to try this tonight as every combination of adaptive settings I’ve tried for hours and hours of testing has not worked to prevent adaptive voltage spikes. Currently I’m running an AVX offset of 0 as it’s stable @ 5gh but will try knocking this down.*

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    I got mine built a month ago and I have the same problem.
    Maximus X Hero wth latest BIOS, 9600K then 8700K. Adaptive will fluctuate even up to 1.5v.
    Not messing with it anymore. Offset works okay instead of Adaptive. At lest then I can have the voltage drop all the way down to 0.7v when idle or web browsing.
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