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    Feeling very foolish

    While moving my PC a few weeks ago, I inadvertently pressed either the cmos reset or the usb flashback button. When I came to boot the system into windows it could not find the boot dive (which was raid 1).
    Checking the bios I thought I had reset things so that I could boot form the mirror but it seems that this wasn't the case and I was now booting form one side of the ssd mirror.

    A couple of days goes by before I realize this so now the data on one half of the old mirror differs from the other.
    So.. I want to recreate the mirror in the easiest way - I can boot into windows 10 (ult 64) so creating an image isnt a a problem - and I have been checking the howtos on UFEI

    Does anyone have a guide to using the image as a means of res installing my windows or is the above the way to go.

    Motherboard is a Rampage V10 edition.
    Windows on 2 500gb SSD
    All other data on 2 3Tb HD

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    I'd personally use Acronis to create a drive image and then recreate the array.

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