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    Unhappy G752VS Throttling issues \ CPU Run to 800mhz

    G752VS Throttling issues \ CPU Run to 800mhz

    Hi friends, first of all I apologize for starting a new thread to deal with this annoying topic but I have read other threads about it and I have not been able to reach a conclusion.
    I have my ASUS ROG G752VS, Core i7 6820HK, GTX 1070, 32GB Ram, 1TB HDD, 256GB SSD, after playing for a few minutes the clock frequency of my CPU is blocked to 800mhz, it is impossible to play with that low performance, the FPS they fall to 25 FPS and the games become unstable.

    Some attempts to solve the problem:
    ThrottleStop, I deactivate BD Prochot and although the frequencies of the clocks go up to 3.2 ghz the performance is still low, I do not exceed 35 FPS.
    Voltage, undervoltage to try to keep temperatures low.
    Notebook Fan, I work the fans to 100% more refrigerant base.
    Windows 10 Pro, restored the system from scratch and updated it to the most recent date.
    Drivers, BIOS, Nvidia, Intel ... All updated to the latest version.
    Asus aplications, I perform tests with and without Asus applications installed as is the Gaming Center.

    After these unsuccessful attempts, I took the laptop to the Asus service center in my country (Colombia) but they did not want to accept the guarantee because the laptop was bought in the United States, the Asus guarantee policies are not international, however I decided pay the diagnosis at the Asus service center and according to the results they changed the fans, the battery and the thermal paste but the problem persists.
    I went to the advice of Asus in the United States through emails but the service is too bad, they never read what I write to them, their answers are mediocre, they seem to have a bank of answers and all they do is copy and paste.

    To conclude ... ASUS turned its back on me with my "high performance laptop", I think I lost my money with this product ... if someone has already found a solution to this problem I ask you to please help me and share the information with me, Taking the laptop back to the United States would be very difficult for me.

    Thanks to all.

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