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    GL703VM plagued with issues


    I bought a GL703VM from an online retailer (emag) in romania. This happened in February. It was dead on arrival. Sent it back forcfull refund. I decided to give asus another try and bought the same model from the same retailer. 40 days later one of the coolers started making loud weird noises, and if i say loud and weird imagine i know how this laptop sounds on full load. Sent it to warranty since romania has no official asus service or store, to an authorised service for warranty. Went there for 2 weeks and it was returned to me without anything being touched and according to the service paper - cooler and thermal paste were replaced. They were not. Laptop sounds the same. Sent it once again, i was told no defect was found. So no one is taking responsibility for the fact that i spent *1200 Eur on a device with problems. I have made a complaint with the romanian authorities but it will take a long time. How can i solve this? I am incredibly frustrated since i bought a laptop that is now 3 months old and already was in the service for 30 days. The service is called depanero, and they are known as being crap, but this is the warranty the *shop provided. Since the guy in the service tells me it is running at the right parameters although it is not, *I want a full reimbursment because this is preposterous. Thank you and maybe you can help*

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    Hello diasus
    Can you please send me a PM with any of the following details that you do have available?

    Product S/N:
    Case ID#:

    Also please pass me your contact details:
    Full name:

    If possible, please provide any detail information about the online retailer you bought the laptop from and the service center you sent it to.

    I'll pass your case to related personnel and department for further investigation
    Thank you

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