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    Quote Originally Posted by MoKiChU View Post
    Hello everyone,

    New version of AURA Sync has just been released :

    - AURA Sync - Last version [12/04/2019] :
    ----Version : 1.07.55
    ----Download :

    Thread updated.
    Just tried the latest version, it get worst. AURA Stop Working (run as administrator)

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    Hobbinho PC Specs
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zlocho View Post
    Can not find anywhere mentioned versions Lighting_Control_1.07.22.1 or 1.07.22. Any link?

    Kind regards

    I try to keep all versions (Win10 , x64) in this folder in case anybody needs them.
    Direct downloads from Asus and virus free (but please feel free to check them before you install them).

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    When will it be fixed that all Aura modes take up to 12% CPU usage except "colorshift"... i finally want to use rainbow or wave setting without getting overwhelming 12% cpu usage on a 9700k @ 5.2ghz

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    paru055 PC Specs
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    New aura came and they just dont listen to user needs. we clearly asked we need Program assigned Lighting! Which means when we take specific program the lights should change accordingly which can customized, same like corsair icue

    secondly Armoury light presets is still not included in Aurasync although we requested many times!c why on earth we need to use 2 3 software for different lighting? why u cant include just one? i mean just add armory effects and custom profiles to aura and make the software as 1? if we open one, another need to end task or restart pc to make it work! WHY?

    Thirdly, no more customized presets in Aura. same As old fx !! music effect cant customized color yet! CPU temperature cant still customize color

    Have a look at corsair user customized FX: can we DO this in ROG products? NO we cant ,its a shame

    CUSTOM lighting DRAM
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    Well the damn Easy Anti Cheat garbage software hates version 1.07.55, after I installed it I tested Division 2 and it crashed out with Lighting Service issue. Had to reinstall 1.07.36 the hard way for stupid Easy Anti Cheat to stop crashing games, not bored enough to see if I can make 1.07.55 work with it yet but I'll revisit that issue later.

    I did notice higher CPU usage with version 1.07.55 which might make me hold off trying to get it work with stupid EAC.

    Also I agree that Aura needs some better up to date features/options.
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    @paru055 yes and making things worse it even takes more CPU power then ICue. Aura takes about 10% when it has bad times on my Ryzen 1700. That's really bad. Making matters worse for customization they stopped supporting their SDK. Corsair still has some time to update the SDK once in a while but asus last updated it back in 2017 and is not even replying to any post in the forums about this. The SDK has many issues still not addressed and we are still waiting on a fix. Asus did fix it although only for Activision with the release of Black ops 4. Please Asus release documentation about the SDK used in Black Ops 4 and the newer Aura versions. And please fix the EAC. I can't yet install the newer Aura since some games don't wan't to start with it running.

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    Plan3tCrack3r PC Specs
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    Aura 1.07.55 is the first version of Aura since December that hasn't caused games to not start due to Anti-Cheat (Ubisoft games for me), which was fixed by stopping the LightingService process before playing. This of course pauses Aura controlled lighting at the colors when the process is closed. My only Aura device is the X470-F motherboard, all other lighting is controlled by iCue. LightingService is using 0.7% CPU with 2700X CPU. Edit: Glowing yoyo uses 5% CPU, again, only Aura device is motherboard.

    I can now play The Division 2, no more Anti-Cheat errors when loading games, without ending Aura's LightingService process.
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    I hope there's a special place in hell for whomever writes the asus software. I decided to temp fate this morning and install the .55 version of aura. Started at 9am. It's now 2pm and I still don't have a working system. It makes my fists clench with anger.

    Multiple windows nukes and version combinations simply refuse to work. Version .36 of aura used to detect the AIO and my strix card. Now it only detects the AIO, I have to install a special verison of aura just for the video card. Anytime I introduce livedash into the mix, it breaks the aura installation and neither aura or livedash will run! This is so god damned bogus. The whole ****ing system is ROG gear and none of this bull**** will work together nicely.

    Edit - As a side note, MSI software just works in comparison. It's still on a crap side, but everything played along. Including corsairs RGB ram that came out almost a year ago.

    Edit2 - So the whole ****show was brought on by asus revoking all of the certificates for the older version of the software. The new aura and livedash do work after all. After hours of troubleshooting you have to start both programs from elevated command prompt in order for them to get assigned proper admin privileges. You also have to grab the accvga module from the older aura version in order for the graphics card to be controllable in one place, because they forgot to include that in the package. Just outstanding work by the engineers.
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    Just installed aura on a new build. So for had a few issues with it not able to open up after a few reboots. Reinstalled and all is good so far. There are 2 rgb programs in my program list one is Patriot RGB and the other I cant think of right now along with Aura. I am running gskill ram. Should I remove these 2 other rgb programs in my list?
    Maximus XI Formula, I9-9900k, Phantex Evolove X, Seasonic Titanium 850W, Custom loop PE360+SE360 Rad, G.Skill Trident Z F4-3200C14 32g, Nvidia Reference RTX 2080 TI, Samsung 970 EVO Plus 1Tb, ROG Strix Flare keyboard, ROG Gladius II

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    Storage #2Samsung 860 EVO 2TB
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    Quote Originally Posted by drop4205 View Post
    Just installed aura on a new build. So for had a few issues with it not able to open up after a few reboots. Reinstalled and all is good so far. There are 2 rgb programs in my program list one is Patriot RGB and the other I cant think of right now along with Aura. I am running gskill ram. Should I remove these 2 other rgb programs in my list?
    No, you need to leave them installed or it won't work correctly.

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