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    D-X3M PC Specs
    MotherboardX470-f Gaming
    ProcessorRyzen 7 2700x
    Memory (part number)G.Skill 2x8GB DDR4 3200Mhz
    Graphics Card #1Asus Strix GTX1070 8GB DDR5
    Storage #1dual 960 Evo m2 500gb
    Storage #2860 evo sata 3 1tb
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    X370-F new issue with bios 4012: reboots playing a second game (desperate for help)

    Hi all, i have had previous issues since the release of the x370-f
    i didn't get any feedback on my older threads, so i'm hoping this time i will.

    using amd ryzen 1600x, x370-f mobo, gskill F4-3200c14-16GTZSK, cruxial m2 500Gig, gtx 1060 oc gigabyte
    nexus 700watt
    atlast i was able to run this stable for months.. until latest biosupdate 4012 before i was running bios 906 if i'm not mistaking..

    now i'm experiencing reboots, able to repeat this by:

    starting a certain game, closing it up, opening a second game (it might crash after a few seconds, or on closing the game) if it doesn't crash, i just do the same thing again, run a certain game a second time, close it, open the 2nd game for a second time, and crash.

    so far i have tried the following:

    fresh install no tools, only nvidia and audio, and game : same result
    bios default : same result
    bios tweaks, manually setting ram voltage to 1.35 : same result
    set ram to auto 2133, with 1.2v: same result
    using dcop: same result
    disabling all boost features and use energy saving : same result
    manual set all clocks, same result
    remove audio drivers as every reboot it switches audio source : same result
    disabled gaming mode, game dvr, overlays origin, geforce, steam: same result
    switching energy saving modes : same result

    it's like the release all over again.. but this time i don't get it to work.

    *update, it appears Gskill mentions that kit is not Supported for the x370-f while asus QVL clearly mentions them. They say this kit is for intel only, will not work or atleast not stable. gskill only supports up til 2400mhz with their kits for x370-f.. well thanks asus for the lie i guess??
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    There are a few things you need to bare in mind:

    1) The QVL does state the following:

    -Memory module with memory frequency higher than 2133 MHz and its corresponding timing or the loaded XMP Profile is not the JEDEC memory standard. The stability andcompatibility of these memory modules depend on the CPU’s capabilities and other installed devices

    In other words, the QVL is a rough guideline only and it isn't a guarantee. Just because an overclock works on one system, doesn't mean it will 100% work on others.

    2) An overclocked config may require manual tuning. And that means tuning voltages, memory sub-timings, and other related parameters (more than you've tried above). Nothing anyone can do about that.

    In lieu of this, you may want to try tuning things manually. Some of the more experienced AMD users may be able to guide you a bit. I don't have a Strix X370-F board here at home, and won't have access to one for a few months, so there's not much I can suggest. Good luck!

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