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    ASUS GTX470 reference vs. V2

    Does anyone here own this card:

    I'm looking to get a second 470 and this one is surprisingly cheap with the rebate. However, I noticed that it's the "V2" version and doesn't say Nvidia on the PCB. What exactly is difference about this design? I looks like the reference design and it has a reference cooler. Is it something for cost savings and that's why it's cheaper? For the people that own them, do they overclock well?


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    I don't own this one but I'll be interested to hear the answer.
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    Vincent Gomez
    I own it and am using it right now. Also have a EVGA 470 as well. I don't think that there is any difference besides the yellow DVI port that is for the DVI to HDMI adapter that it comes with. I've only tried overclocking it once a few hours ago with MSI Afterburner and launched a game and was playing for about 10 seconds and MSI Afterburner returned it to stock settings automatically. So I have to fiddle with the overclocking a little more to find out. But it is a good card and I would recommend it to anyone. Especially for SLI.

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