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    x99 gaming Only seeing 2 sticks of ram. CPU-Z see 4

    Hey there folks!

    I have an issue that i've sat with for about 3 days now that i can't wrap my head around.

    I had to get a new motherboard because my old one got a corrupted bios that i could not fix so i got the 'cheapest' one i could find because money are scares at the moment.

    So my issue is that in Bios, dxdiag and windows overall shows 8gb whilst CPU-Z shows 16 GB, and the intresting thing it only shows when i place the ram on the right side in the "wrong" slots, in slot 1 & 3 instead 2 & 4. if i do it as the manual says i should it does not show up in CPU-Z either.

    I've googled and checked most things and re-seated the CPU like 5 times already and nothing.

    However, i found something that made me cry a bit, since i was stressted for time & money when i ordered it i did not check the QVL of the motherboard and after days of trying to fix this issue i did and saw this:

    Now.... Here's my question. does this mean that it does NOT work with 4x4gb sticks, i'm confused since it says Single but it also says 4 dims are supported.

    So i need someone that's smarter than me to help me.

    Regards, Swompen.

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