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    Question SMBus on PRIME Z370-A

    HI there,

    I would like to communicate with an PCIe Express Card over the SMBus Interface. I'm using Linux and the i2c-dev utilities. The card is working in another mainboard without any problems.

    When I try to detect the card with the i2cdetect tool it is not found. I'm trying it over the Intel SMBus Series 200 PCH Controller. The other chips are found, and I can communicate with them, for example SPD is working. When I'm measuring on Pin B5 and B6 (SMCLK and SMDAT) directly on the PCIe Slot there is no data neither clock.

    So can you tell me if the SMBus lines on this mainboard are connected to the PCIe Slot or only to the memory? This would help me to figure out if it is a hardware issue or some sort of software problem.

    Sincerely yours,

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