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    Question ROG G701VO BIOS Issues, looking for ASUS service center in Suzhou or Shanghai China

    This was cross posted into the G Series Notebooks forum, but I'm looking for help finding an ASUS service center in Suzhou or Shanghai China.

    I just purchased a(n) ROG G701VO from a retailer on Amazon last April. The Laptop suffered an SSD failure, RAID (0) Failure last week. I've ordered two new SSDs from
    Amazon China and regular Amazon to replace them, EVO 960/ 1 TB / SSDs. The Laptop was imported from the USA, so sending it back to the states isn't really a viable option at the moment.

    Currently the laptop only boots into BIOS mode, I've just replaced one of the SSDs, found the one that failed, kept the other one in the laptop until my other replacement shows up. My main issue is that it still only boots into the BIOS, there's no option that I can see that would allow me to boot from either a USB or another External Hard Drive.

    I'd like to either FLASH the BIOS, if possible this would probably be the fastest method to bringing this laptop back to everydday use, So that I can use the SSDs without them being RAID 0.
    Alternatively I'd like to take the laptop to be serviced locally, but I"m finding very little help in that regard.

    If you have any other advice or ways around this problem, I'd certainly be interested. I bought this PC to be my gaming PC currently, and just a general purpose PC as well as media PC for the next half a decade or so, retiring my previous ACER pc towards office use only. But, a month and a half in an SSD busts, somethings up with that.

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    You can find the service centers here:

    Thank you

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