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    Unhappy Crosshair VII WIFI - Keyboard bios issues


    I recently purchased a crosshair VII for my r5 2600x and to my dismay my keyboard isn't supported.

    The keyboard I am trying to use is Gamdias Hermes Ultimate and despite of hiting del, it simply wont let me get into bios and even when I use another keyboard to enter the bios: The hermes keyboard still doesn't work even inside the UEFI/Bios itself.

    Now I am aware the workaround is just to "use a cheap generic keyboard" and enter bios that way, but when you buy the top of the line board for your CPU, you'd expect support for keyboards to follow. Anyone else had the issue with their keyboards, or have you possibly found workarounds?

    I have tried different ports, both USB3 and 2, along with front panel ports without any luck. Like I said, a generic keyboard enters the bios just fine.

    My keyboard in question can be found here
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