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Thread: Asus pg279q

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    Asus pg279q

    Just got one of these bad boys and it's great but i have one question.

    When the screen is dark you get like this shiny glare effect even when there's no light, u move your head around and the glare moves with you. Is this because there is some kind of material on the panel to protect it or because of viewing angles. I been using a crt for quite some time so maybe im spoiled.

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    That's called "IPS glow" and it's "normal"... well, you could consider it a "flaw" of the IPS technology itself, but it's not a flaw of the screen. You can notice it most if you display a black screen and then stand up and move your head, it's mostly visible when looking at the screen from the top of extreme angles.

    On a different note, when you're looking at a white screen, website with a white background or even gray like Gmail, do you see any discoloration in the middle of the screen? I mean - everything on the edges being clearly "cold" white, but the middle area having a darker/yellowish tint?

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