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    Question Chance for micro ATX X470 or X490 motherboard?

    Sorry if this is the wrong place to post it, wasn't 100% sure where to put it

    As title says, i'm wondering if we'll see one or more x470/x490 mATX boards from ASUS?
    They're severely lacking from all vendors, in fact there are only a couple on the market, none of which are anywhere near high end.

    I do realize mATX isn't the most popular, but considering they made the z370-g for 1151 v2 (and has historically always released at least one high end mATX board) and given the popularity of ryzen it'd make sense to make one.
    Plus to be entirely honest I need mATX for a compact build, and i'd love to both go ASUS and ryzen 2.

    So if any info can be shared that'd be absolutely lovely

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