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    G551JM HDMI not working

    EDIT: SOLVED (for now)
    I contacted ASUS via webchat. They first gave me a VGA driver, but I told them I've already tried that one. They then suggested to trying the chipset (this I haven't found any drivers for myself) so I took the one they gave me, installed, rebooted and now it seems to work! I sincerely hope it doens't **** up again cause of WIndows but I can honestly say I have developed a hate for those stupid updates.

    For anyone wondering about the fix, I got sent to me. You might be able to find it online.

    To start off: I know there are probably more threads, but I've searched and searched but nothing works. I even looked at solutions that aren't for my laptop but other brands. Same there.

    It's probably Windows 10 being a **** OS as per usual with it's mandatory "updating" if you can call it that.

    Anyway, HDMI stopped working, so I tried a bunch of ****. At first, it helped to simply reinstall the older driver again. This was ages ago. I since turned off updates but somehow, those ****ers made it happen anyway like a year later.

    Now last time it stopped working, a week or two ago, I simply went into device manager, disabled the Intel graphics and enabled them again. That did the trick.

    This time, nothing seems to work. However the TV I'm connecting to registers SOMETHING cause it does a tiny blink and also gives me the info that whatever is plugged in isn't transmitting.

    I've tried installing updates automatically, manually and simply reinstalling things. Nothing makes my HDMI output again. The only thing I can think of is to reinstall windows, but given how **** it is I fear it will be moot cause it'll just **** up again and who wants to reinstall the whole OS every time drivers act up?

    Anyway, I come here with little hope. Anything I can do?

    Intel HD 4600
    nVidia GTX 860m
    Win 10 Home Edition

    Now I also know that apparently there's no way to make nVidia Graphics my one and only graphics as Intel is set to be default and not changeable. That's another fantastic design decision....

    Any help is appreciated. Not even sure what else I can do tbh so I have little hope. Maybe here where others have the same setup I can find some help.

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