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    I am not too sure whats wrong with it.

    The latest windows update decided to kinda break my ROG, it seems to be running at a much downgraded level and the bios is idk pretty messed up, I feel like my ssd is no longer where its storing windows files, I have my laptop hooked up with an ethernet cord to my main pc which is just a 960 and i5 etc etc, although windows has this sync thing and well i guess the laptop failed the update and reverted back to something else , Idk what to say after the update both my computers went to absolute ****, the programs that where on it before the update no longer work i have to reinstall everything, the asus barebones files that are factory are idk maybe working ? probably not, i am almost certain that i did not buy a gl502vm but i am almost certain I bought a something different. the laptop is just ruunning like abosulte crap, bios is weird i dont know what to do.

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