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    It's the second time the cable broke, and same problem, one side has mute, the left side cable must be broken, now i have only mono.
    First time i send to warranty, now warranty is gone and i have to repair my self.
    I have remove the black cover from jack and identify the cable color

    Here my tutorial:

    First you need proper tools, this is super easy but if you don't have nothing just skip this and buy a cable if you can or send to repair at someone who have the right tools.
    You need: Solder iron with small tip, wire cutter / knife, a magnifier tool.

    1) Locate the problem, my is near the protective plastic on the jack, my cable is always suspended on air while i use the phones, the sound gone but if i move the cable there it works again, util it die complety.
    2) Cut the wire a few mm below.
    3) Buy some 5 pole jacks eg:
    4) Solder the wires at correct place (See my photos)
    5) Use heatshrink tube inside and outside the thread cover to relif the cable
    6) For better safe and if you have a 3D printer you can print a part to hold the cable better and remove the strain from the joints.

    1 - Green (First / tiny ring near cable)
    2 - Red
    3 - White
    4 - Gold
    5 - Blue (Larger ring near pole)

    Note: I don't have photos from the actual repair yet because this happen yesterday, i'm waiting for the jacks to perform the repair.
    I will post more pictures when perform the repair.
    If the threaded cover don't fit the phone jack hole i will print a smaller part to replace that, you can just use a hard tube
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