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    ASUS PG279Q Stuck pixels on boot which fade away after a few minutes

    HI Guys,

    I have noticed a weird issue with my monitor and have not found any similar cases. When turned on, i notice various dots on the screen which look exactly like stuck or dead pixels, these are mostly noticeable if I have an app with a grey background, for example discord, and are spread throughout the screen. After five or so minutes however or if i start playing a game, these dots will disappear, and the monitor looks mostly flawless. It is as if once components heat up, the issue is resolved.

    I have not managed to find any similar issues to this on any forums, and have never heard of stuck or dead pixels which just disappear. Each the time the monitor is turned on, on following days etc, the dots will always reappear then disappear after a few minutes.

    I have no idea if this is something minor or a serious problem which would get worse over time, at the moment it is just an irritation for a few minutes and not something i would expect from a monitor in this class. This is my second monitor, first was replaced due to pressure marks on the screen, and it is still under warranty. I am writing to retailer about this, but would also appreciate your thoughts, comments, opinions on the matter


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