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    PG248Q - Missing GameVisual technology [Resolved]


    I just got a new PG248Q since I had to RMA the last one.

    Now this one here is missing the Asus GameVisual technology on the monitor settings.

    Here's a pic:

    The previous monitor had the GameVisual tech, but it's completely gone on this one.

    Is there some kind of firmware or updates I have to download?


    EDIT: Wow! I'm dumb! I found the button for the GameVisual. This thread can be deleted.
    So sorry!
    I've never really used it before so I totally forgot that it had its own button behind the screen. I saw that picture, and I assumed it was gone
    on my monitor, but then I noticed that the picture was showing a different model.
    Again, I'm sorry for making this thread.
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