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    Unhappy Asus Extreme Edition 10 x99 Possible RMA needed

    Hi all.

    So as far as i can tell my motherboard has died

    I have done all the obvious tests (below) and everything points to the motherboard.

    Reset Bios
    Taken out GPUs
    Taken out memory

    Ive tested the system without cpu, with cpu but no memory, with 1x stick of ram, and everytime i get the same 00 postcode error, the cpu led is also lit (could be cpu) and there is also 3 of the 4 pci leds lit 2x are solid and 1x flashed in an odd way but some boots its off.

    Now the system has been rock solid for 18 months or so, the system was on, i went to get a drink came back and it was off and never came back

    I spent well over 5k on this system and i feel gutted ive just had to strip it all down

    Now to cut a long story short, i purchased it from scan and its still under warranty, but ive read x99 boards are no longer available or there are terrible rma delays, whats the likely outcome if the board is dead.

    One more sad face i think

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