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    Quote Originally Posted by cl-Adrian@asus View Post
    Please give me a detailed description to any specifics in regards to your situation so we can collaborate towards a resolution.
    Hello Adrian,

    Here's the exact description of the problem I'm facing with the motherboard that you helped replace:

    Even though the CMOS battery on my motherboard is new (I tried 3 different batteries already), the motherboard does not retain the BIOS settings. In other words, every time I turn the machine off and cut the power, when I turn it back on, all the BIOS settings are gone: the clock is reset back to 01/01/2000. Also all the fan settings, hard drive boot priorities, and every other setting in the BIOS would be reset to default and I'm prompted with the message saying "Please enter setup to recover BIOS settings".

    I've tried upgrading the BIOS to no avail. The BIOS settings get cleared every single time

    If I can provide any further information, please let me know.

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