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    Hero X dual m.2 use question

    Hey all.
    My Hero Maximus x has dual m.2 as everyone knows. I currently have a Samsung 960 Pro in the top slot. Considering getting
    a second ssd like the 860 evo to put in the bottom slot for extra storage.

    Will having a second m.2 ssd slow down the speed of my main?
    Also can the bottom m.2 run sata? It looks like in Bios it only runs 4x/2x?

    I just don't want anything to slow down the speed of my 960 Pro in the top slot, that's all I'm worried about. Which is why I'm looking
    at a "slower" sata drive like the 860 evo. I don't use any sata slots on my mobo so I don't mind them being shut down down by the m.2 drives
    so long as the 960 Pro isn't slowed at all

    Thanks for any information!

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    You could try running the Samsung magician performance bench mark both before and after installing the 860Evo to see if there is a performance hit.

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    Dang, I was kind of hoping there'd be some sure yes or no on if the 860 evo would drag down the 960 pro.
    I wont get another ssd at all if there's a chance the 960 slows

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    Both the top M.2_1 and bottom M.2_2 sockets can operate in either SATA or PCIe mode. Enable PCIeX4 mode for the The top socket where your 960pro NVMe drive is and use the bottom socket for your M.2 SATA SSD just leave the setting for M.2_2 as is, it defaults to SATA when inserting a SATA M.2 SSD. You will be fine. The 960Pro will use PCIe lanes at X4 and the 860evo M.2 will use SATA.

    The PCIeX options present for M.2_2 are for when one wants to use a second NVMe drive in M.2_2 and wants to enable PCIeX mode. In that scenario one might run into bottle necking though, as the M.2 sockets both are getting and utilizing their PCIe lanes from the chipset.

    Though honestly IMO, it's more cost effective to use a 2.5" SATA SSD for additional storage unless you are out of mounting options or (and I can appreciate this) just don't want to run any more cables for power and data to keep things clean and tidy looking.
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    Oh cool thanks for the info, i'll get that 860 1tb evo now. Hooray storage!
    Yeah I'm going with m.2 to keep the case clean and free of as many cables as possible

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    Well dang it. After installing the 860 Evo. I get a fatal error in bios. The message is M.2_2 only supports PCIE devices. I cant even get into bios to try and change it. When I remove the drive everything is fine, and yeah it looks like from inside bios, I can only set M.2_2 to 2x or 4x .
    Now I have this ssd i cant use, wonderful

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    Hey Moreluck,

    1. You should install your 860 EVO with it being SATA, on the M.2_1 port (for PCIe 3.0 x4 & SATA)
    2. Move your 960 PRO to the M.2_2 Port (for PCIe 3.0 X4 ONLY)

    Disable the following SATA ports from BIOS:
    SATA Port 1 - For M.2_1 operating in SATA Mode
    SATA Port 5 & SATA Port 6 - For M.2_2 operating in PCIe 3.0 X4

    +rep if it works and let me know if your 960 PRO's speeds are downed.

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    How much bottleneck will be in case of using dual 960/970 PRO ssd's at x4 mode?

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    I'm using a 960 evo up top and a teamgroup in the lower slot. Both running PCI-E x4, GPU is running x16 and I did manually set the slot for my sound card to x2 (though it probably defaults to this anyways). I do believe setting both M.2 slots to x4 disables the 6th SATA port.
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    SherardG you won’t lose data if you do this will you? *Got a NIB Hero X for $99 on eBay (sealed and everything) and installed windows etc on 970 pro on M.2_1 first, installed older 960 pro on M.2_2 however ASUS will not recognize it. Plugged and unplugged, double checked that it’s seated, nothing. Sorta afraid to take the 2_1 off and put it on the 2_2 and something happen.*

    Anyone have advice for the M.2_2 drive issue?*

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