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    Asus Zenith overheating with h100i v2

    Hello Guys,

    I have a problem with my new pc build; the temperature is too high.


    Asus Zenith
    Threadripper 1920x
    Water Cooling H100i v2
    32GB DDR4 Hyper X

    I don't know if I have a connection problem with h100i or maybe I need some powerful water cooling system.

    I connect one cable of h100i on CPU_Fan connector at the top of the mobo and the other one in W_Pump+ at the bottom.

    I try disabling Q Fan control into the BIOS, but nothing happens.

    In the beginning, the temperature is 40°C but 10 minutes later is 90°C and then I need to turn off the computer.

    When I enter the BIOS, I notice that all of the Fans are N/A.

    Please, can you help me with this problem? Its drive me crazy.

    (Sorry for my English )

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    What other places can you connect fans and pump to? On my mb i have 1 port that says water pump and another that says AIO pump and i have to have it connected to aio pump and it works properly. Im running the ryzen 7 2700x running base clock of 3.9ghz and turbos to 4.5ghz and under stress test it maxes out at 60 degrees celcius and idles at around 28 degrees celcius. I know the threadripper is quite a heat generator but i cant imagine it would run much hotter than the 2700x ryzen 7
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    Thanks for your reply.

    I can connect the pump in two places w_pump or in the USB connector (are the same kind of pins).

    And the other cable can be connected on Ext_Fan,H_AMP_Fan, CPU_Fan, CPU_Fan2, etc.

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    First of all you have your pumps USB port plugged into w_pump which is a fan header not a USB header. Second the H100i requires full speed set on the fan header that it is hooked up to. H100i is designed to be controlled via USB and ignores all inputs from your motherboard.

    Plug the H100i fan header into w_pump and ensure its set to 100% speed/power in bios

    Plug the USB header from the H100i into a USB header on your motherboard.

    After you do those two things enter bios and check temperature and speed on w_pump.

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    Thats... not even close.
    I have the 1950x with the H100iv2 currently.. Heres how mine is:
    Plugged the fan header into the CPU fan port, plugged its USB part into the USB header.
    In the bios TURN OFF QFAN FOR CPU - leave it off.
    Then in Windows. install the utility for the fans... set the pump to max all the time. Its fine.
    set the fans to at least 50/60% minium at all times, then as temp goes up ramp up speed.
    Without going into crazy detail... temp "floor" around 30c with about 50-60% fan speed, and roughly every 10 degrees ramp up speed about 10-15 percent. with 60c+ being at 95%+ fan speed. (if you are getting this high anyway.. you got issues.) This will be a loud setup if it gets up there.. but the whole series of pumps based off the "normal" size intel and amd chips dont fully cover TR.. so you have to concede some balancing of noise to temps.
    If you are overclocking alot.. this wont work long term.
    I run a flat all core 3.7 OC with 3200 RAM, CPU-V around 1.15 to 1.2 and SOC-V around 1.08.
    Idle temps around 30-35 depending on room temp...
    Heavyload/game temps vary from 45 to 55 depending.

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