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    That is very weird. PE A/1/2 that forces scalar 10x, more boost time and tdp margin, should help you mostly with >2 core loads with more time under higher boost, but not so much in single thread. My single core score is also about ~175 with a 2600x and 3200 c14 1T with PE2 (-0,1V vcore offset) and about ~1420 all core. With PE2 doesn't seem to go over 4250MHz in single core testing, but it could be probably because it's already over 60ºC on my TRUE with push+pull.

    I don't remember taking such hit in single thread without PE A/1/2/PBO, because XFR2 should still let you boost to 4250MHz without PBO. At that speed it should still be in the ~170 range, not 155.

    Did you test it with the balanced performance profile, to ensure other threads were kept at a low tdp? You might check if setting a negative offset will let you achieve a better score without PE for the same reason. Next week I'll be able to give you some numbers to compare without PE (I'm away from my AM4 ATM).
    No, everything on the motherboard is left as it is when you get it out of the box except DOCP to 3200MHz and BIOS update v4024. All I did was change the "Performance Enhancer". I've no intention on diving into changing specific XFR/PBO values but thanks for the offer. I prefer the "out of the box" experience as I believe it gives me the best performance already. Besides I already plan to sell this CPU once Ryzen 2nd gen comes out as I will be upgrading by then. Hoping 2nd gen is more overclockable just like my old 2700K @ 5GHz 1.5v.
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