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    Results promising

    My IBT results are in. Mostly positive.

    I followed @AniChatt's instructions, and did a few extra runs. Reset all bios options to auto and then:

    Run #1: Failed after 7 runs of IBT. Only HWInfo running, but "turn off monitor" was set to 15 min. I disabled that, and did not start HWInfo, yielding:
    Run #2: Passed 30 runs. Applied D.O.C.P. and tried again, no HWInfo, giving:
    Run #3: Passed 30 runs. I started HWInfo and tested again, resulting in:
    Run #4: Failed after 12 runs. Screen was on, I could move the mouse, but IBT, HWInfo and then all windows went unresponsive. I rebooted, started NZXT CAM:
    Run #5: Passed 15 of 15 runs.

    I surmise that my issue is monitoring software sensor collisions. My previous, unpredictable lockups were due to MSI Gaming App running in the background while HWInfo, Ryzen Master, and CAM were trying to access the sensors at various times.

    Next step: run no monitoring software and play some ARK and WoW. See how it does. Then fire up one monitor and see how THAT does.

    Next question: What is the real advantage of overclocking these rigs at all? Left on all-auto I've seen some cores running a 4.4ghz for short periods of time. What's wrong with leaving it alone?

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