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    Advice on Updating Laptop Software - Asus FX553VD

    Hello, my laptop is the Asus FX553VD and the last manufacturer updates it received are from early to mid 2017. Meanwhile, the Rog gl553vd has received updates last march 2018. I've read in a forum about someone who said the fx553vd and rog gl553vd both have the same motherboard and that the only difference between the two is vram and display/screen, so he updated his fx553vd with the updates from the support page of the rog gl553vd and everything worked out. I sent him a pm to ask what specific updates he got and if it's still stable. Though, I haven't received a response in 2 months.
    So my question is, Do these 2 models really have the same motherboard? And if so, does that mean it's safe to update my laptop from the rog gl553 page? Cause I've been having trouble finding a stable driver from the nvidia website, and the one from the manufacturer is too old for Wolfenstein.

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    I can't answer your question regarding hardware compatibility but I can suggest the following scenario to answer that by yourself.

    You could back-up the partition where the OS resides. This means you would require a spare external disk.

    Then, install the upgrades you mentioned and test it for a while.

    If anything goes wrong with it, you could restore your back-up.

    If you can't restore your back-up, then you could restore to the factory image the notebook has.

    This is a good reminding to back-up any important files you my have periodically.

    It's a lot of work, but it's a lot of fun too!

    So, Have Fun!


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