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    asus laptop GL702 RMA canada experience

    hello guys my name is Julian.

    i recently bought an asus gl702 ( i7 7700HQ 16gb ram and a gtx 1070).
    a few months in tho the future i started having problems with what i tough was Windows 10 ( you might know how windows 10 is, always a hustle to get working well. going on the BSODs start happening more frequently until the point that i could only login in safe mode.
    at this point i suspected that the problem was hardware related since the BSODs looked like this
    and also my bestbuy warranty ws only 14 days ( i tought it was 6 months {NEVER RELAY ON BEST BUY WARRANTY}). thankfully i had just remembered that asus has this thing RMA and i just tough i have pretty much nothing to lose here so i gave it a go, as if now i am in Ottawa and the only rma place in Canada was in Toronto, luckily the same weekend that i called in for the rma code i was going to Toronto so naturally i took the laptop with me ( bare in mind that is is a 17 inch laptop so it was a bit inconvenient but a the end all went good and i gave it to the guys at asus, it was really simple and i didn't know why i was so scared about it ( most post of rma from asus are from bad experiences so i tough i wasn't going to end well, i assumed that most people that do rma just get their device fixed and disappear ) 1 days goes by and i check my RMA status, it says that the device is currently being repaired and 3 days stays like this saying it will only take 5 days to finish and well it did i got it shipped from their facility all good, really well packed (lots of bubble wrap). 2 days after i received the package i have been using the laptop nonstop and i haven't had a single problem (i did receive a paper saying that they had changed the mother board).
    i made this thread with the intention of encouraging people having problems with asus computers or even components, to give ASUS RMA Canada a try as i had a really good experience.
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