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    Angry ROG laptop with NO RAID? Please?

    I have bought two 17" ROG laptops that I have been very happy with. Great performance and they last. In addition to gaming, I do software development in Linux so I need to be able to dual-boot. No problem, it is easy to set up and works well. Until recently. I made the mistake of picking up a very expensive G701VIK. The RAID 0 controller is invisible to Linux Mint which is bad but unforgivably for some incomprehensible reason cannot be disabled in the BIOS. Why??? It's an SSD, it's plenty fast. I don't need RAID 0 to begin with and would prefer to opt out anyway because of the increased risk of drive failure. I would be annoyed if I had to disable the RAID controller and treat the two drives as two separate drives but as it is I have a $3,000 paper weight. Thank you ASUS. So right now you are saying "ASUS doesn't support Linux! Do your research! Caveat emptor!" Fine, fair enough. I didn't write this to rant, but to set the stage for my question:

    Does ASUS even sell a high end laptop anymore (17", i7, 32GB RAM, 1070/1080, SSD) that doesn't force me to use RAID 0 that I never wanted anyway? I have been looking around the ASUS websites and newegg but can't find anything. I would prefer to go with another ROG but the inability to install Linux is a deal breaker for me and I will look elsewhere if I need to

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