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    Crosshair vii hero ethernet port issue

    Hi All,

    So I finished building my new ryzen rig using the crosshair vii hero board and thought after putting it all together the ethernet port appeared dead, router was indicating no cable was connected and in windows no ethernet was even showing up in the device manager under network so of course the driver wouldn't install as it could find any suitable hardware.

    After much head scratching and as it was the early hours of the morning I gave up fault finding for the night & upon powering up the system this morning the ethernet port was working, I could tell straight away after hearing the bios beep code for a successful post as the light on the router changed from orange to green to indicate cable detected and sure enough in windows the lan hardware was showing in device manager and I was able to get the drivers installed.

    So after that was all sorted I decided to see if I could get my ram running higher than 2800 MHz (using 4 sticks that aren't on the qvl list, yes I know but I was trying to keep costs down swapping from intel back to amd so I used the ram I was using on my previous intel build) and after the post failed due to a failed memory overclock I returned back to 2800 MHz and all was well again, except the lan port was again non functioning!!. I rebooted, still not working so then I turned off the pc for a few seconds, turned it back on and voila, ethernet port was working again and testing numerous reboots and power offs afterwards it kept working so what I've discovered is that if my board goes through any kind of memory training after changing ram speed etc then the ethernet port doesn't function until I power down the system & restart it.

    That sounds like a bios issue to me rather than a faulty ethernet port, has anyone else experienced similar issues with the ch6 board?

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