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    ROG Guru: Orange Belt Array Abaidor PC Specs
    Abaidor PC Specs
    MotherboardRampage VI Extreme
    Memory (part number)F4-3600C17Q-64GTZR | Trident Z RGB 64GB
    Graphics Card #1Asus Strix 1080Ti OC
    Storage #1Samsung 960 Pro 512GB
    Storage #2WD 10TB Gold
    CPU CoolerEK Rampage VI Monoblock
    CaseC0smos 2 Modded
    Power SupplyCorsair AX1500i
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    Dec 2017

    Hardware wise I am completely stable as well, my only gripes is the software that comes with it.

    1) AI Suite losing Fan Profiles - removed it and working fine with Q-Fan ever since. I am controlling 19 Fans with it and also using several temp sensors as well as the Fan Extension Card. I was ready to get an Aquaero but Q-Fan works fine. If Fan Expert gets better I might try it again in the future but for now it does not work in my configuration. Maybe different fans and configs behave differently, hence the problems for some people.

    2) Aura Sync is not behaving properly but honestly I couldn't care less. It would be nice and thought I could "design" with it but that is not the case so Rainbow Puke just to add some color behind that big black tinted glass that covers the side of my case. I just wish that my Trident Z RGB would turn off when the computer sleeps but it DOES NOT. Am I missing some power management setting here?

    Other than that I am extremely satisfied with the performance and stability of the board and temps are great everywhere with overclocked i9-7940X.

    I just wish that ASUS fixed AURA & FAN EXPERT though.

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    ROG Guru: Orange Belt Array mpoffo PC Specs
    mpoffo PC Specs
    MotherboardRampage VI Extreme
    ProcessorIntel 7900x
    Memory (part number)G.Skill F4-3200C16Q-32GTZR = 32 GB 3200 Kit
    Graphics Card #1EVGA 3090 FTW Ultra
    Graphics Card #2Nvidia Geforce 1080 FE
    Sound CardSound Blaster Z
    MonitorX34 Predator + 2 Samsung Aux Monitors
    Storage #1Samsung 870 EVO 2 TB/850 Evo 500 GB
    Storage #2WD 2 TB & 4TB Black Hard Drives
    CPU CoolerCorsair H115i
    CaseCorsair 900D
    Power SupplyCorsair 1200i
    Keyboard Corsair K95 Platinum - RGB
    Mouse Corsair Dark Core RGB Pro SE
    Headset Corsair Virtuoso RGB Wireless SE
    Mouse Pad Corsair MM800 RGB Polaris
    Headset/Speakers Logitech 5.1 Surround THX Speakers
    OS Windows 10 Pro - 64 Bit
    Network RouterNetgear Nighthawk (RAX 200) AX11000
    Accessory #1 Corsair Comm. w/ Corsair HD Fans - NZXT Hue +
    Accessory #2 DX Racer King Series Chair
    Accessory #3 3D Printer/HTC VIVE/Valve Index
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    Jan 2013

    I would add that I have not had any large issues or concerns with my system as well. Certainly when the platform first came out last summer/fall there was a bit of a learning curve for settings but have been running rock steady since. I am even able to use AURA Sync (latest version) without any issues. It seems to remember by settings now!

    As for the OP, I am sorry if you are having issues. I understand the frustration when something does not work like you want it to.
    RVIE X299 System:
    Windows 10 Prof 64-bit | Intel Core i9 7900x | ASUS Rampage VI Extreme | Corsair AX 1200i PSU
    Corsair 900D | 32 GB 3200 G.SKILL Trident RGB Series | RTX 3090/EVGA GTX 1080 | Acer X34 Predator Monitor
    Samsung 840 PRO 256 GB | Samsung 850 EVO 500 GB | Intel 520 SATA SSD 240GB HD | 2 & 4 TB WD Black Hard Drive
    Creative Sound Blaster Z | Logitech THX 5.1 speaker setup

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    ROG Enthusiast Array
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    Jul 2017

    Your 10gbe port runs at 10gbe??? Never!!! I've tested 3 r6e and one asrock x299 fatality, they all have the aqc107 controller. No one of that boards do 10gbe without packet drops.

    Which switch are you using?
    And do you cool somehow the aqc chip? Thats the only thing i didnt tested.

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    ROG Guru: Orange Belt Array
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    Oct 2017

    See the other thread we are in on the 10Gb port for more details but yes I get 10Gb speeds no problems.

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    ROG Guru: Green Belt Array FireRx PC Specs
    FireRx PC Specs
    MotherboardRampage VI Extreme
    ProcessorIntel 10900 X
    Memory (part number)Corsair CMD32GX4MA2800c16
    Graphics Card #1Nvidia RTX 3090 FE
    Sound Cardonboard
    MonitorLG 34" curved
    Storage #1Samsung 960 M2 SSD 1 terabyte
    Storage #2Samsumg 860 EVO SSD 2Tb
    CPU CoolerCorsair H80i
    CaseLian Li VS2000
    Power SupplyThermaltake 1200 modular
    Keyboard Logitech K800
    Mouse Logitech
    Headset Powerbeats Pro
    Mouse Pad Xtrac Ripper XL
    Headset/Speakers logitech
    OS Windows 10 Pro 21277
    Network RouterNetGear
    Accessory #1 Logitech G940 FLight gear
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    Apr 2013

    if you having a problem with the board perhaps contact Tech support to facilitate a RMA for a new one. That would be the prudent thing to do.
    Intel Core i9 10900X @4.7ghz @1.182v
    Asus Rampage VI Extreme [bios 3105]
    LG (34U97-s) Monitor 3440 x1440
    Nvidia RTX 30909 FE
    Windows 10 Pro
    32gbz Memory

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    ROG Junior Member Array
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    Aug 2017

    I have only had the board for a week myself, my only issues have been i cannot do anything with my memory it absolutely will not boot when I adjust anything but I am sure I will figure that out eventually. And my second m.2 on my dim.2 I cannot see it at all which I am sure I will figure that out as well. I was on the Aorus gaming 9 before this and the VRM is night and day better on the rampage. I just cant use anything other then an Asus board I tried real hard with the gaming 9 but I feel the extra 150 bucks was a small price to pay.....thats if I ever figure out this memory issue. I used the same kit on the gaming 9 and had no issues getting the rated 3200 speed.

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