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    A Good RMA Story!

    Hi, i am a first time poster in here and i wanted to leave this story with you guys. I visited here a lot of the last couple of months because my pg278q monitor was acting up and i was hesitant on doing an RMA. I could find about maybe 1 or 2 posts on random forums that suggested that an RMA was an easy process that went smoothly while 99.8% of the rest did not.

    Well, this is a GOOD STORY.

    So it starts with my monitor had this weird flickering going on with it. I was able to use my monitor, but it got annoying to the point where i just used it sparingly, which made me sad because its an expensive monitor with great visuals but i was too afraid to send in for repair. After about 2 months or so of this i flicked my monitor on one day and BAM, white screen with a black faded bleed going on. I thought, well **** now i HAVE to RMA.

    So, i call up asus and got connected within 5 minutes. The gentlemen asked for my info on the monitor and when he put it in he said my warrantee expired about a week and half before i called in. I thought i was doomed, but he reassured me that they were able to put a 30 day extension on at no charge. GREAT!! So, i went ahead with the RMA.

    Went to fed ex with my monitor in a blank brown box (i used a vaccum box, the one inside the vacuums sleeve) and RMA checklist and was assuming id pay 60 or something for shipping because i read that people were paying to ship their monitors, which was a deterrent for me, well you cant believe everything you read right? Well, shipping the monitor was free! Paid 5 bucks for packaging of the monitor, so it was sent out on a sunday.

    The monitor makes it to its destination (across the country, i am in NY, repair plant was in CA). Within 4 days took them 1 day to repair and 1 day to turn around and have it out. I got it in a pg278 box (for a min. i thought they sent me a different monitor with a higher refresh rate!). But it was my monitor, with a fixed screen, NO scratches, NO dings, no nothing, and i know its mine because my 3D vision sticker was kinda peeling, and i knew it was mine. They even sent me a new power chord.

    I hooked it up, voila! No flickering, no nothing, i have ran this monitor for 24 hours straight for 4 days now and have no problem and i have another warranty on the product.

    So thank you ASUS, and thanks to the guy on the phone and the tech who fixed my monitor. There IS hope for a good RMA experience!!

    Sorry for long post, but i know when people deal with an RMA they really want details on what they dealt with.

    I kept all my reciepts and communications pinned in my email too.
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    That's great to hear! Thanks for taking the time to post about a positive experience!

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