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    Post Diamond Scam, Mobile Legends Battle Royale Survival, NBA 2k19 Lebron more

    Weekly Gaming Update by Pinoy Gamer! Let's talk about the Battle Royale mode of Mobile Legends called Survival Mode, NBA 2k19 Lebron James cover, Asus ROG Phone, Rules of Survival anti cheat malfunction, Edge of Time Pinoy made indie game, and finally Diamon vendor scammers.

    RoS Steam
    - Rules of Survival players have been accidentally banned last June 3
    - At Least we know that their anti cheating system is working haha
    - This is due to a malfunction on the Rules of Survival anti cheating some accounts were accidentally banned according an update the developers

    NBA 2K19
    - Cav’s haters don't be triggered because the
    - NBA 2K19 cover will be Lebron James
    - Take note that this will be his second time be in the cover
    - NBA 2k19 will launch on September 11 for Playstation 4, Windows PC, Xbox one and Nintendo Switch

    Tech News ROG Device
    - For our Tech News recently Asus unveiled the ROG Phone
    - which is aimed for gamers
    - The phone also looks like its a direct competitor or the Razer phone and nintendo products like switch or ds.
    - The Asus ROG phone has an overclocked 8 core snapdragon 845 processor
    - Asus ROG phone will also have a separate dock where you can connect mouse and keyboard which can also connect to your monitor basically like nintendo switch
    - Currently there is no price and release date

    Edge of Time
    - A filipino developed indie game is now available in early access
    - Edge of Time is developed by “Gilator” who also made the MMORPG game Pacific Online within 6 months
    - Take note this game is developed a 4 man team against the limited resource and opportunities in the Philippines so we salute this guys
    - Edge of Time’s demo is currently available for download so you can test it out, it is on early access so make sure leave your feedback

    Mobile Legends Battle Royale / Survival Mode
    - Mobile Legends Survival mode is now available in the advanced server
    - Currently since its on test phase the mode can only only have 15 players for now
    - Also you can only select 14 heroes for this mode
    - Whenever you kill monsters you also regenerate hp or get buffs as each monster have different drops
    - each hero has 6 item slots but take note not all weapons are compatible for the hero so you will need to drop items with exclamation mark

    Diamond Vendor Scam
    - Warning to all people buying discounted Diamonds or Dias for your mobile game
    - special mention to Mobile legends and Rules of survival players
    - because recently multiple reports the players are getting scammed from this vendors on facebook groups
    - In an attempt to get discounts your game account could end up having negative diamonds
    - This method allows players to purchase diamonds at a discounted price allowing you to get the items you want, actually you can buy all the items in the game however after a few days poof negative balance
    - If this is ok with you by all means buy from non official vendors but take note that in game market rapidly change
    - meaning whatever you buy now will be obsolete in the future and this doesn't help since you have a negative balance on your account
    - and you will have to repay all the negative balance
    - no choice you will have to create a new account and all progress will be lost
    - So here is our tip don't buy on non official vendors specially people selling on facebook even if they claim its legit
    - here are the red flags if they say discounted, legit, or even buy at your own risk then dont bother anymore
    - because if you think about it why would they sell it discounted compared to the official store price
    - if you want a 100 percent legit way, top up your account on the play store or appstore then buy directly from there
    - this will save you a hassle in the future and will be assured that you won't get scammed
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