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    G752VS and Geforce Experience driver updating

    Hey guys,

    I've had a G752VS for over a year now. I haven't had any real problems with it, but from past experience with ASUS gaming laptops I know there's some weirdness as far as graphics card drivers and using the download section on the ASUS site.

    From most of what I've heard it's recommended to only update the card using the driver they have under VGA downloads on the website? Or is that not so?

    I opened Geforce Experience the other day on my G752VS and noticed that at some point maybe from me doing it without realizing the current driver I have on my laptop had gotten up to version "382.53 release date 6/08/2017".

    On the ASUS site it says the last driver they put up was "Version V21.21.13.6956 2016/11/03".

    1. I've noticed nothing wrong on my laptop with that 382.53 driver this whole time. It seems safe?

    2. Is it safe in general to update the graphics driver using Geforce Experience? Do you guys do that? It says right this moment that the current driver through Geforce Experience is "398.11 release date 6/04/2018". Is it just the BIOS and some of the other things that need to be strictly downloaded off the site?

    Please school me on this so I understand. I get bugged about updating my current driver on a couple games including Total War Warhammer so it made me think to ask finally about it.

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