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    Maximus X Hero WiFi

    Just upgraded from an i5 6500 to this board and an i7 8700k. Also got some gskill 3200Mhz ram sticks. Now my issue: I built this system a couple of days ago. Everything was working as it should until yesterday afternoon when I noticed sudden extremely low audio with a lot of popping and cracking sound to it. I have 2 small USB powered speakers connected to the green jack at the back of the motherboard. Went for a restart but the issue persisted. Uninstalled the asus drivers, rebooted and reinstalled them but to no avail. Tried older download realtek drivers but nothing worked. Jumped **** and did a clean windows install again (the latest one), again that was useless. I have already made about 5 clean installs so far with the same issue.
    The thing is, if i connect my headphones or speakers to the front audio jack, I get perfectly normal sound. Connecting my headphone to the rear jack does not help either. If it helps, the issue persists with generic windows drivers too.

    Would be grateful if someone could help me out. This is a brand new board.

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    Clearly looks like a hardware issue. This is a long shot, but try blowing into the rear jack with compressed air. You could also try inserting a fine long enough pin to dislodge any encumbrance. Make sure that your system is switched off when you do that.
    The female jack has separate connectors (pressure/spring-loaded) that make contact with your input jack. It's possible that that connection has been disturbed/shorted. This can happen from crud getting into the opening. It can also happen if you accidentally jostle the inserted audio jack from your speakers.
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    I was looking at my system and realized I had not seen any type of mixer to configure my 5.1 speakers. I did fine a Realtek HD audio mixer in the Control Panel and started it. Prior to this, that icon had not been shown in the hidden icons section, just the Sonic stuff.

    There are some settings which might be relevant. One is "mute rear output when front headset is plugged in". There may also be some volume level which is effecting the rear output. If it thinks it is a headset, it might be limiting the volume.

    It doesn't appear you have done anything to damage your system unless the external speakers were faulty and caused some type of electrical short. If the speakers still work in another system and all your USB devices still work, it should be something simple.

    I wasn't a fan of the way Windows handled sound prior to some of the recent updates. The fact the sound settings are not in the Settings section is just a nuisance.

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    I highly doubt it might be a hardware issue since the front audio ports are working perfectly fine. Besides nothing else is affected. I added in a soundblaster audigy rx card today and normal audio is back. Pretty surprised how it happened although i didn't fiddle with anything after building the pc up. I am also assuming that if the issue were due to say static or even a PSU fault, other component might have failed too? In that case the front audio connectors wouldnt be working either?
    Contemplating on RMA this board but the fact is I also got it at a good price. Really got no idea what to do now but since I've now got a separate sound card which assumingly again might be better than the SupremeFX chip on the board, I might as well keep this board. What do y'all reckon?

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