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    Question Maximus X Hero POST Code Temperature Display

    Hi there,
    I'm a long time lurker and first time poster so please go easy on me

    I have the following issue with my Maximus X Hero motherboard:

    For reference, this is my completed build (

    Additionally I have the fan extension card and three temperature sensors (2x water, 1x air) attached to that.

    I have the option enabled to display my CPU temperature in the POST code display. In the beginning that worked fine, I missed the ability to display a temperature sensor instead of the CPU temperature but arranged with that.

    Now recently, the display changed and showed my air temperature sensor all of a sudden (connected to the extension card's temperature 1 sensor). I can't remember any changed options in BIOS or ASUS software. I was pretty happy and rewired the temperature sensors (on the running computer) so my water temperature sensor was connected to the ext temp 1 header. That worked great.
    After reboot, the display shows me the air temperature sensor again (which is now attached to ext temp 3).

    I suspect that the display shows the highest external temperature. My air temperature tends to be higher than the water temperature.

    My question is now:

    1. Why did the temperature display change to external sensors?
    2. How do I choose the temperature sensor that is being displayed?

    Thanks for your time and effort!

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