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    Asus GL 553 VW - Display not as crisp like the other Competitors


    Does the Asus 553VW (U3E1) has the exact Display and VGA like the other 553 VD and VE (BOE HF NV156FHM-N43 IPS)?

    I've got an Asus Laptop for the First Time, GL 553VW. Got tempted on the Review about the GL 553 Display which up to 91% SRGB compare to Y520.
    Then Decided to Change and got the GL 553 "VW". Then when i got it I immediately notice that the "image, text, icons are not as crisp but soft even i Scale it to 140 on the display settings. Connected to an external monitor but still the same. I've check over and over again to find if the VW has the same exact display and VGA as the other Model like VD, VE but none... the only way to find out is to open the monitor.

    I've used the previous brand on 3 models and satisfied. But for this model it is vibrant but still wondering if this are the standard or cons on a Display or VGA card of ROG models?
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