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    Raid 0 M.2 Help

    I'm having some issues with a new build. Any advice is much appreciated.

    I put together a build yesterday with a Maximus X Formula board and two 970 Evo M.2 SSDs in RAID 0 for my primary (and currently only) storage. The initial setup went flawlessly and I had Windows running fine on the raid. This morning I applied the Gaming overclock profile to see if my chip could handle it, and after I reset the board, the computer powered back on directly to the BIOS (without me pressing f2/del).

    At this point, the RAID volume was missing from the Boot section of the BIOS screen. Also the Advanced section no longer had a section for Intel's Rapid Storage Technology. PCH Storage configuration still had SATA Mode Selection set to Intel RST Premium.

    Whatever I do now, I can't seem to get the Intel RST to appear in the Advanced section to check on the RAID array. I don't want to set SATA Mode Selection back to AHCI as this will definitely destroy the raid and make me start over. I'd like to preserve the raid if possible so I don't have to reinstall Windows. Any ideas?
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