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    G752VS - 5 RMA's, problems still persist [Resoved]

    Greetings, fellow ROG owners and Asus enthusiasists,

    The time is nigh, and I'm in dire need of your advice. To summarize the topic: I had bought my laptop in March 2017, it had been in perfect working order for nearly 2 months and then everything started spiraling down. More than a year later and 5 RMAs, I believe any talk about it getting fixed is out of question as it is obviously beyond salvation and want to take legal action against the retailer (and possibly Asus themselves), in line with the customer protection law and its acts. However, before I proceed to do so, I'm going to ask you a few questions.

    Just for the reference, I'm going to include the links of my three threads from the previous year (in order of their creation):


    Now, to continue with those questions I have previously mentioned, along with listing all the complaints that I have.

    I made my purchase in Switzerland, but I reside in Serbia. For the first two RMAs I sent the laptop back to Switzerland, to the company I bought it from (STEG Electronics). They looked into it, but nothing was fixed, apart from replacing a "supposedly dead" SSD during the first RMA. After that, a number of additional problems emerged, most notably constant overheating and stuttering in games (as well as when working with simple programs), whereas the problem was not previously present.

    After I contacted my uncle who complained to the company on my behalf (since I don't speak any of the three official languages of Switzerland), stating that the problems still persist and that pretty much nothing got fixed but made for the worse, they suggested that I take the laptop to a company authorized by Asus here in Serbia so that they look into it instead.

    The third RMA in total (the first one here in Serbia) came back with information that the motherboard (alongside the CPU) failed every single test and that a replacement part was ordered. Once the replacement part arrived, I received an email saying they tested the laptop and that it passes all factory tests so that I may come by and pick it up. So I did. Being wary of how other people handle stuff, I quickly inspected the laptop upon picking it up, in front of the guy who worked at the reception. As I noticed no visible damage, I packed it up and headed back home. When I got home, I performed a more thorough inspection and found out a dent on the right side of the laptop, and furiously contacted back the company that performed the fix. They told me to take the laptop back to them so they can check it out. The main problem is that I have no direct proof that they damaged it (but the "damage" section in the initial admission papers for my unit is empty, whereas the second time I took it back to them, they wrote down the description of the damage present, obviously), and cannot sue them for it... or so I think. To make the entire situation even more "spicy", since one of my friends informed me on how they don't pay attention when handling other people's gadgets and how delivery trucks do the same, I had personally driven to the capital four times in total (two times to leave it there, two times to pick it up) in order to avoid it getting damaged during transport, yet they still do a poor job and hit it on the side during the fixing process. I'm still furious about it, having spent additional sum of money.

    So, before I returned the laptop again as they requested (fourth RMA), I tested it, and the supposedly new motherboard didn't do anything - all the problems were still there, plus additional issues with keyboard and LED lights on the back side of the laptop. Ridiculous. So, I turned it in yet again, and they ran it through some tests - guess what? They found out that the motherboard is faulty, the same replacement motherboard that they ordered from Czech Republic, the one that passed all standard factory tests after they had installed it into my unit. Makes me wonder if they really ordered one, because they definitely don't know how to do their job. So, they ordered ANOTHER replacement motherboard, replaced it, and said it once again passed all standard tests. Can you guess what happened next? Yes, you're right, no improvement at all. Still the same pile of **** it had been. At this point I became even angrier, and contacted my uncle to relay my problem to the Swiss retailer I bought the laptop from. They informed me (via him) to send the laptop to Switzerland again, and I urged them to directly forward it to Asus this time, as I no longer wanted their technicians meddling with it. Of course they didn't send it to Asus, and instead looked into it themselves. Of course they fixed nothing, too. This was the 5th RMA. After more than a year and five RMAs, I believe the situation is no longer salvageable, and that something urgent must be done about this.

    So, to summarize things: technically speaking, the laptop had been in my possession (and in working condition) for only those initial two months of its purchase (not even two full months, to be precise), and spent months and months in both companies that worked on fixing it, both in Switzerland in Serbia. I could have bought an entirely new unit for the money I spent on shipping the laptop to Switzerland and back to Serbia, as well as the money I spent on diesel for my four trips to Belgrade.

    To cut down to the most important part - since my laptop is still under warranty, the company that performed 3rd and 4th RMAs here in Serbia immediately offered me a replacement (laptop) unit as soon as I mentioned it isn't performing as it should be. In the end, sadly, they were unable to provide me with a replacement laptop as the model I own is not available in Serbia, and told me that I would have to contact the Swiss company for that. However, the retailer company I bought it from constantly refuses to provide me with a working unit. My main question is - is there anyone who can direct me to a representative of a Swiss-based Asus branch, someone who speaks English? I'm hoping they'll be as accommodating as their Serbian call center counterparts and provide me with a new, working unit. If everything fails, I intend to file a lawsuit against related parties, and pursue my valid claim with relevant proof. Oh, and yes - is there anyone who knows anything about customer protection rights in Switzerland?

    Sorry for the lengthy post, and I apologize for any mistakes I might have made.

    Best regards,
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