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    Unhappy New ROG Z370-E build, no Ethernet recognized

    Hello guys,
    Im helping my nephew build his first PC. Ive built a bunch of PCs, and this is the first time ive run into this problem...

    everything went super smooth, all hardware, good 1st post, windows 10 install ect... noticed no ethernet connection after windows install, i figured ok maybe I just need to install the intel Ethernet drivers from the asus website via USB... no luck... windows keeps saying "an Ethernet cable is not properly plugged in or might be broken".

    I tested the Ethernet jack at the wall, and wire, they work perfectly when plugged into anther PC
    I updated the BIOS to 0805 - and reset it to defaults...
    I turned off, and turned back on the Ethernet inside bios onboard devices. tried turning on and off the wifi as well inside the bios.
    just for laughs tried another cable. tried wiggling the cable at the MB... there are no lights illuminating on network jack of the motherboard...
    I went directly to intel site, downloaded intel drivers, removed the drivers that were installed, and installed the ones directly from intel... nadda.

    ive prob built 12 PC in my life and ive never seen a defective ethernet controller. or one that said 'no wire detected'
    for the time being I have him running on the 370's built in Wifi, which kind of defeats the purpose of building an awesome rig...

    I am going to call tech support tomorrow and chat with them, I suspect they may ask me to RMA the board which i really dont feel like unbuilding this thing and building it again. My thought was to install a PCI-E network card... im thinking in the grand scheme of things, it will prob be just as fast ?

    has anyone seen or dealt with anything like this before?

    build specs.
    - Z370-E
    - i7 8700k
    - gtx 1070
    - m.2 cruicial mx500
    - 16 gb of QVL ram running at 3200
    - 850 watt evga PSU
    - win 10 home 64 bit
    - all temperatures are good, everything on this board and build are functioning perfectly otherwise
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