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    GL702VMK overclocking 75Hz panel to 100Hz.

    Has anybody tried overclocking their 75Hz panel on this model to 100Hz?

    If so, do you really notice a difference? And what are the pitfalls of doing this? Can it damage your display?


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    Hi far as I read over the Internet there is no problem in doing it.
    It even gives you that option so you will be fine.
    I own a GL702VM (same LCD panel settings as yours) broke my LCD panel last year and went into RMA to put a new one. After that It started to do a lot of flickering when playing games with high fps and some stuttering also...and magicaly after I changed the frequency to 100mHz (overclock) all flickering and stutters stopped.

    On games there noticeable difference with 100mhz, graphics response times seems a lot faster and the assets edges seem to be more accurate and beautiful.

    If someone has opposite information would be amazing to share with us.

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