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    Still same Vid problems after vbios update. Artifacts during game.

    (repost as I got no love in the other thread.)
    HI all, Im having a continued problem even after the update. I was loving my g73 & having no problems. I even played my game a few times then all of a sudden these artifacts like static were popping up all over. I did the vbios & saw it update. Now anytime I run my game, Eve-Online, I get the artifacts again & then after the game is off I still get random micro artifacts, smaller then the ones in the game.
    This only starts happening when I play eve & wondering if it might be a game /to card issue? I have never had this before & I have owned 10 different cards over the years.

    I have no heat issues & never had a grey screen. Just popcorn size artifacts.
    I searched for this issue in every term possible & read 8 pages of this thread. I hope I didn't go over someone else's answer.

    Thanks for your help in advanced!


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    We could use some more info:

    1) What vBIOS version do you have installed?
    2) What motherboard BIOS is installed?
    3) What ATI Catalyst is installed?
    4) Have you ever updated DirectX?

    What should be installed is :

    1) vBIOS
    2) BIOS 211
    3) Catalyst 10.12 WHQL
    4) DirectX June 2010 Update available here
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    I have checked & updated what needed to be updated & am still having the issues. The one thing I find odd is that it only starts when I play a game, then after I exit the game I still have artifacts on the desktop.

    I'm also about to put in a new momentus xt hybrid drive & 2gb ram, wondering if I should do that before trying to fix this problem.

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