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    Question OneDrive Locations

    Hey guys!

    So, recently, I've had a new D drive put in and have reset my PC. I'm just looking for any opinions people have. I'm wondering whether I should put my OneDrive in it's own folder on my 1TB D drive, or if I should have the entire drive used as my OneDrive. I believe that I have 1TB of OneDrive, but you need to keep in mind that it could run out.

    Along with that, does anyone know

    1. What would happen to files in a folder linked to OneDrive if the OneDrive stopped being active?
    2. What would happen to files in a folder if OneDrive got linked to the folder and then synced? (eg. would the files be removed and the folder filled with OneDrive, would the files stay there and have the OneDrive poured in there too, etc.))
    3. What would happed to the files in my OneDrive, if the subscription to Office 365 ran out and I lost all my storage room? (eg. would they be deleted, would they stay there untouchable until I reactivated it, etc.)

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