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    Rog Strix X470-F Gaming worse perfomance with bios updated

    So I have brought a brand spanking new 2700x which I have been meaning to do for a while. I recevied it earlier last week and have not had a chance to game or anything fun on it yet due to the sheer amount of problems this motherboard gives me especially on a Bios update.

    I usually buy low-end boards just to save money, but been getting a bit more serious now and paid out for my fave brand (Strix) to really get something good going and just to please myself, but issues are alot.

    The board came with a 2x bios, I booted up, got to windows, did the usual and downloaded all the correct chipset drivers and such from the Asus website, and of course I see a bios update to 4011, mustn't miss that, downloaded, put onto usb stick and restart initiated.

    Upon flashing the new bios on, my cpu fan was going mental, up down up down constantly, 100% even when on idle and not touching the computer for a good hour. Looking at HWMonitor shown volts flucuations from about 1.45v all way up to 1.55v, with temps just as bad, hence the crazy fan. Any sort of cinebench or benchmark resulted in absurd 95+ temp readings. I went back to bios and tried everything imagineable over this week, underclocks, overclocks, enhancement profiles etc etc. Only creating a negative offset to vcore seemed to do anything slightly to settling things down. So with a -0.100 offset, I benchmarked again, fan instantly goes crazy and temps jump from mid 40s to mid 70s within the blink of an eye, it really is quite mental, coming from intel I am not used to this kind of whacky performance.

    So after exhausting all options decided to try bios 4008, pretty much the same results as 4011 with the same temperatures.
    So after that went back down to the original 2x out of the box bios, and my god, it felt like peace was restored, everything settled down, voltages are between 0.7-1.4, cores are overclocking to 4.5 even 4.7 on one core, brilliant. Cinebench benchmark gave a top temp reading of only 63c, everything is just 1000 times better than the other bioses, albeit a lower score in cinebench, not by much.

    I really don't want to return this gear, I love the look of it now it's all set up, and surely there's a reason for these bios updates, I don't see any release notes which is frustrating too. So what is meant to be improved in 4011 over the previous bios's, by staying on the out of the box bios am I missing out on important zen+ features. I can't honestly be the only one with this chip and board who updated bios and got this issue, I pray to you Asus staff and members, please help me get up and running properly, I love this machine and really want it to work.

    Thank you, Dean.

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